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Seven years and a couple of  doctoral degrees later (between the two of us, anyway), my generous friend and wizard-like sysadmin Mark has helped me reactivate this place.  I’ll be tweaking some things and getting the place...

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into dreams

The door opens and a man beckons. We pick a booth in a dimly lit corner. The furnishings are wooden, stained with the hue of a dying hearth smolder. Our table is against a railed window facing the moor. The glass is cracked with...

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Every time I think about spending two hours to write a nice piece about what life has been like the last two and a half months, I think that it’s two hours I could be spending with my nose in a book. Haven’t had a...

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closing ceremonies

Things are winding down; a year has come to an end so quickly. I’m in the middle of a gradual moving process that includes gathering travel documents and saying goodbyes, both formal and informal – last week there...

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communicative language teaching

On the last day of classes, apparently one of my students videotaped our proceedings. For your viewing, then, I present evidence that I really have been doing what I said I’ve been doing. Thanks to my student Monkey Ray...

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